It is something else – #NRC01PL

What a strange hashtag for a new mooc: „#NRC01PL“. Normally we find acronyms in there, refering to the title of the mooc. This time I had lots of questionmarks in sorting out, what this hashtag stands for.

… until I digged a little deeper into the links Stephen gave at the first blogpost refering directly to the new „Personal Learning MOOC“:

„NRC“ refers to the National Research Council Canada and „LPSS“ is a funded program therein named „Learning and Performance Support Systems“.

And WOW: When I look through this presentation, without understanding every single slide in detail, a feeling of how huge this program is designed emerges.

#NRC01PL as the mooc I got and get involved into seems to be a (or part of a) research site to develop this program further. Nothing bad about that. If, as I did, one can find this information easily.

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